"Before you can transform the world, you must first transform yourself"

My Book

Love’s All That Makes Sense—is a candid, yet inspiring memoir that I co-authored with my mother about the struggles and triumphs we experienced while dealing with the ravaging effects of my mother’s mental illness over a span of 25 years.


They say that the best way to learn something is to teach it. Teaching yoga and qigong has deepened my understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and how to use these practices to reduce stress, increase strength and flexibility, foster more emotional balance, develop self-awareness, and increase vitality.


My Yoga, meditation and qi gong practice played were such an integral part of my healing and transformation process. I love teaching others how to use these practices to empower themselves in both group and private sessions. I am a certified qi gong instructor, yoga therapist and a 500-hour registered yoga teacher.

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Breaking My Silence

So little attention is paid to children who grew up like I did. Children of parents with a severe mental illness are often referred to as ‘hidden children’ because the mental health community largely overlooks these children in much of its discourse, research and services. I decided to share my story to draw awareness to the hidden children and their need for support and...

Be the Change

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi. If you want more love, be loving. If you want more peace, be peaceful. If you want more joy, be joyful. Sounds simple enough. But simple isn’t always easy, especially since many of us are conditioned to look to someone else to fix our world. Being the change requires each of us to own our actions and to take responsibility for the impact we have on the...

Don’t Count Me Out

Sixteen years and counting in recovery, my mother proves that a ‘normal’ life is possible for people with schizophrenia. A mental health consumer for over thirty years, Sakeenah has a wealth of first-hand knowledge about mental hospitals, mental health centers, and providers and how they can best support long-term recovery. Passionate about raising awareness about mental illness and eliminating stigma, she is a mental health...

Not Another Yoga Gimmick

Yoga is on the rise and so are the gimmicks. I get that yoga must evolve and reflect the culture it is being practiced in, but in the attempt to mainstream yoga, let’s not lose sight of the purpose of the...

A Breathe a Day Kept Bridezilla Away

Getting married reminded me of just how powerful yogic breathing can be. I’d love to tell you that due to my 15 years yoga practice, stress just bounced off me during my wedding planning, but that would be a lie.  Nadi shodana, a yogic breathing technique helped me avoid turning into...

Know Thy Self – What’s Yoga Got to Say About It?

After doing yoga for a long time, I’ve come to realize that there’s more to yoga than meets the eye. When you start doing yoga– it’s all about studying the poses, but the longer you practice, the more you end up studying yourself. This is when you begin to practice svadhyaya, or...

What Happens When You Have A Ways to Go?

What happens when you have a ways to go and you’ve given it all you’ve got? The way I see it, you have two options – you give up or you dig deep and keep moving in the direction of where you want to go. Just focus on taking small, practical steps that move you in the direction of your destination. You won’t close the distance in an instance, but eventually you will get...

2 Ways to Start the Day

The way you start your day sets a tone that can easily snowball, which is great if you start off on a positive note. But what about those mornings when everything goes wrong. Our daily tone is like a radio signal emitting a frequency that attracts things within the same resonance to it. Why not be proactive about getting your day off on a good note with these two easy practices that take less than five...

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