Take a Stand, Free Your Mind

Posted by on Oct 3, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Every time I read the latest headlines, I cringe. There are too many stories chronicling the blatant hate, disregard, lack of compassion, and growing division plaguing our country. There are many powerful ways people are taking a stand from bending a knee, marching, to protests.

My Stand
The way I take a stand is by continuing to free my mind and teaching others to do the same with mind-body-spirit practices. I believe that one of the most revolutionary (and challenging) acts you can take is to free your mind.

Thoughts + Actions= Beliefs

Our actions are a by-product our thoughts and beliefs. To get to the source of the problem, we must address our mindsets and level of consciousness. The mindset and actions of our leaders are of great consequence – to be sure. But we also have to be honest about what is in our own hearts and minds. We all matter because we all matter. 

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