About Me

My mother wanted me to have the perfect childhood. It didn’t quite work out that way. I was exposed to life’s harsh realities early on when my mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I turned to books and writing stories to make sense of my world, which was sent into a tailspin when my mother was in crisis. Adamant that my childhood challenges would not define my life, I cultivated a powerful drive and focus that I channeled into my studies.

I excelled academically and pursued my interests in writing and learning while studying English at the University of Pennsylvania and earning a M.ED in Instructional Design from the University of Georgia. My love of learning and writing led me to become an author, publishing a memoir with my mother— Love’s All That Makes Sense, and to a career in learning and development.

For close to a decade, I’ve partnered with mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies to spearhead the design and development of distance learning programs, instructor-led courses, e-learning, and blended learning solutions. When leading learning projects, my goal is to create ‘ah-ha moments’ –that flash when the light turns on and someone gains a deeper perspective on a topic making it relevant. What sets my work apart is my ability to create learning experiences that help people translate flashes of insight into practical, sustainable practices that improve both the person and the organization.

 I believe that transformation begins within and expands outward exponentially. This is true for both individuals and organizations. Giving people and organizations practical tools to transform their mindsets, knowledge, skills and processes is key to revitalization and continued growth. This understanding is what led me to co-found Sustineo Solutions, a consulting company focused on leadership development, coaching, and learning.

 Creating lasting transformation is what inspires me. I believe we have the power to heal and transform ourselves with the right information and the right practices. Yoga, meditation and qigong are the practices that helped me to transform myself and heal the emotional scars from my childhood. I am a certified qi gong instructor and a 500-hour registered yoga teacher. I have practiced yoga for over a decade and taught yoga for five years. Yoga played such an important role in my healing that I now focus on teaching others how to use yoga for wellness and healing.